Quad City Raiders


In the history of the Quad City Raiders there had never been an organization that forfeited a game to the Raiders. The Raiders always scheduled league games within trusted leagues and any teams outside of the league that they played were always properly vetted. Here in their sixth season they face the first forfeit in their teams history. The Chicago Falcons of the Royal Football League notified the Quad City Raiders on Thursday that they would not be able to host the scheduled game on Saturday. This game was scheduled several months ago but a representative from the Falcons organization informed the Raiders that there was a scheduling issue within their league that would prohibit them from hosting the Raiders.

The Raiders will continue to prepare for the 2017 MidStates Football League season with a team Black/White scrimmage on Saturday in Davenport. The scrimmage is expected to challenge both offense and defense and allow the team to be prepared for the season.