Quad City Raiders



The Quad City Raiders play our home games on the campus of Augustana College. This stadium has recently undergone massive renovations and is one of the best sports venues in the country.

The Austin E. Knowlton Outdoor Athletic Complex is named in honor of the late Ohio businessman and philanthropist Austin E. Knowlton, who founded the Knowlton Foundation and funded it throughout his lifetime and through a provision in his will. This is not the first time that Augustana has benefitted from the generosity of the Mr. Knowlton. Previous gifts from him include Knowlton’s Ohio and Colorado homes, which were sold to fund the Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship and the Austin E. Knowlton Honors Program, both established in 2004. Those previous gifts came from Mr. Knowlton personally while this one comes from the Knowlton Foundation.

Charles D. Lindberg Stadium
The centerpiece of the Knowlton Complex is Lindberg Stadium, which is located on the north side of the facility. Lindberg Stadium has a three-story grandstand that includes team facilities with a spacious locker room, 110 lockers, training and taping facilities and team meeting rooms on the ground level. There is seating for 1,800 with chair-back seats along the 50-yard line and a designated student section. The second level, which overlooks the football playing field, includes offices for the football coaching staff, a conference room and display and reception areas. The third level houses the Dave Wrath Press Box and suites for entertainment and recruiting.

Ericson Field
Located in the far northeast corner of the Augustana College campus, Ericson Field is the football and track home of the Vikings. The field is named after Senator Charles J.A. Ericson who died in Boone, Iowa in 1910.

Charles Ericson was born in the Province of Calmer, Sweden, and moved to America (and Moline) when he was 12. Although he went to school in Moline, Charles hunted and fished in the area where the stadium that bears his name now stands. After moving from the Quad Cities when he was 19, he moved to Mineral Ridge, Iowa where he opened a general store and eventually helped organize the First National Bank of Boone in 1872.

He became interested in politics and in 1895 was elected as a state senator in Iowa. When he died in 1910, Ericson left Augustana College with 260 acres of farmland in Iowa that was also rich in coal. Then he added $13,000.00 to help the school buy land for an athletic field.

He placed three conditions on his gift. The land was priced at $26,000.00 and Mr. Ericson stipulated that Augustana College should raise the other $13,000.00; that the tract of land at Fifth Avenue and 38th Street be purchased since he played there as a boy and that the field be named Ericson Athletic Field.

In the summer of 2002 a new synthetic turf was installed on the playing field and lights were added. The field was resurfaced again in the summer of 2012.