Quad City Raiders


About the Quad City Raiders Organization

The Quad City Raiders play 11 man (NFL style) football at Ericson Field on the campus of Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. Our practice facilities are at the Rivers Edge Sports Complex in Davenport , IA. As a not for profit organization, the Raiders do not pay our players or staff for their participation.

In 2009 the Quad City Stallions start operations as a semi-professional football team in the Quad Cities. The Stallions played teams in their region in the Midland Football League and made it to the MFL championship in 2010 where they lost to the Iowa Sharks in Sutherland, IA. While the team found modest success on the field, off the field there was little to no involvement in the community and the team did not take the necessary steps to ensure it’s longevity.

During the Stallions 2011 season the team ran short of funding and ceased operations. At this time two players, Mark Underwood and James Tinney, started the Quad City Raiders to provide the players a stable platform to continue to play and improve. The team was founded on three core principles that would ensure it would be successful into the future. The Raiders have worked with numerous non-profit organizations through its first two seasons such as the Davenport Parks and Rec, Gilda’s Club and the YMCA.

The first season for the Quad City Raiders kicked off in May of 2012 on their home field of Ericson field, on the beautiful campus of Augustana College. The team has gone 6-4 in both of its first two seasons in league play and made it to the semi-finals each year.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Quad City Raiders is to offer charitable assistance to our community, provide hard hitting entertainment to the Quad Cities area, deliver exceptional value to our sponsors and business partners, and give our players and coaches the tools and experience needed to move on to professional or collegiate sports.

Team Principles

  • Community- A significant part of our mission is to provide direct access to our team for our community. We work with community charities and other non-profit service providers to provide free admittance to our games as well as access to our gate to promote their causes and receive donations. The Quad City Raiders facilitate community involvement by donating our time and brand at charity events, community service endeavors, and direct organizational support.
  • Sponsors / Partners- The Quad City Raiders solicit sponsorship’s from local businesses and community service providers to meet budget requirements. Crucial to our mission is delivering direct value back to our sponsors through advertising, game day activities and cross promotion. As an organization, we strive to provide value back to the sponsor that exceeds their investment.
  • Players- Our players are the heart of our organization and as part of our mission, we provide coaching and services to develop their physical skills and improve their availability to collegiate and professional opportunities. Off the field, we strive to provide role models and life assistance to maintain a positive effect on our players lives.